Making Difference Makers


Our Values: PLEJTHIS

Are you ready to "PLEJ THIS" then read on...

We guess you are curious as to what is this, or what is this “PLEJ THIS”, I am getting myself into; simple, you are saying

I, (call your name out) this day promise on my honour that I will;

Live with God's PURPOSE.

LOVE God supremely and, my neighbour as myself.

Be EXCELLENT in all I think and do.

Make JESUS the centre of my heart and life.

Always TEAMWORK thereby bringing, and keeping unity of the faith.

Be HOLY even as God is Holy.

Keep, maintain and guard my INTEGRITY at all times.

STE-WARD-SHIP; that is eternity will be at forefront in all I do. Because I will one day stand before God to give an account of what He gave me, and did with my life.